Thursday, November 5, 2009

I Love. You.

The Moon orbits the Earth which orbits the Sun which in turn wheels eternally around the Galactic Center. And I write. 

And wonder, what is the link between the two?

The answer is that the need to write is as elemental and inexorable as the gravity that tugs stars across unfathomable distances and rolls the tides across the face of the deep. To write is to be and not to be forgotten. Writing is starlight that pulses from the furnace of our beings and warps space so completely that we can return again, in another time, in another life and read what we once wrote. Writing is time travel. Writing is giving birth to ideas and leaving them to live on after we are gone. Writing is all that I have except for the love of my son and it is all that I need except for the love of my son.

I write because I cannot look up at the stars without awe and because it is a better way to say I Love.